This page lists some things I've made.  / py-mCMS [2015]

This website is my attempt at web development with Python.

First I was going to develop using Django, but then I discovered this awesome microframework named Flask and realized that Django would be a bit overkill for this site.
Using Flask I developed a simple page-based CMS (uncreatively) named py-mCMS. It uses a SQLite database to save the information. Simple admin interface is used to add/show/hide pages and the pages itself are created with CKEditor.

Just perfect for my needs, and thanks to Flask, the development was fun and simple!

Visit the GitHub repo for more.

The simple admin interface


TKL card reader (TKL-kortinlukija) [2014-2015]

This is an Android app that reads Tampere region public transport (TKL) cards using NFC. It displays card balance, status of season cards and the fare history.
Unfortunately, TKL disallowed the distribution of this app, so only thing that I can give you are screenshots.

It was a fun journey to reverse engineer the card data format and to study more about Android app development.

The app is only in Finnish.

Main screen

Main screen
("Read card")

Card info screen

Card info screen
(tabbed navigation)